No greeting between the dogs is allowed. Please respect people and dog space. 
Dogs must be up-to-date with shots and should wear an ID-tag.

Leashes: 6 foot maximum leash.

Amount of dogs: maximum of 2 to 3 per person depending on local laws

On-leash: Dogs must remain on leash at all times. No Flexi-leads.

Off-leash: Only in off-leash hiking areas. Owners of dogs who intentionally let their dog(s) off-leash where it is prohibited will automatically be dropped as a club member and will not be welcome on any further outings.

We abide by the local laws.

No trace will be left behind. We remove dog droppings either by bagging and taking it home or removing it off the trail and out of site.

Water: always bring water for you and your dog. Do not forget a dog bowl. A minimum of 1 quart (16 oz) is required for any hike. Depending on weather more water may be necessary.

Gear: always wear hiking boots or other footwear suitable for trail hiking. Always bring layers. It may be cold in the morning and warm up later during the hike. Rain gear if rain is a possibility. Our Hiking Leaders will have a first aid kit available for your use. Take one just in case.

Sunscreen: bring. You may need it.

No smoking. EVER!

Dogs should be well socialized. If your dog is not well socialized please contact us. We may evaluate your dog prior to participating in our hikes.  

No advertising in this group allowed. Members attempting to sell products or promote their business to an individual or the group will be dropped as a member and will not be welcome. 

Kids rule(s):

·         Need to understand that dogs may bite.
·         Need to understand that not all dogs are child friendly.
·         Need to understand never to approach a strange dog especially when the owner is not present.
·         Need to understand only to pet a dog when the owner has given permission.
·         Need to understand to respect a dog and never to pull the ears, tail or poke in their eyes or other body parts.
·         Need to understand to stay calm around dogs. No yelling, no screaming.
·         Need to understand not to run to or away from a dog. Stand like a tree, don’t move like a rock.
·         Need to understand that a dog is never to be disturbed while drinking, or eating, or resting, or sleeping.
·         May walk/hike the family dog as long as the dog is under control.


The member hereby acknowledges that: I am fully aware of the nature and purpose of the activities of StubbyDog Trekkers. I understand that these activities are potentially dangerous and I voluntarily accept the risks involved. I agree to be bound by the rules of StubbyDog Trekkers and to obey the directions of StubbyDog Trekkers volunteers at StubbyDog Trekkers events. As a condition of attendance at this StubbyDog Trekkers event I do hereby waive any claim for liability for any injury to myself or pet, or damage to my property I may receive a reason of participating in the StubbyDog Trekkers event. I voluntarily accept all risks associated therewith and agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Hike Leader and other StubbyDog Trekkers volunteers from any liability or responsibility for accident, damage, injury or illness to myself or pet whether or not such accident, damage, injury or illness resulted directly or indirectly from the negligent acts or omissions of the Hike Leader and/or other StubbyDog Trekkers volunteers.

Pictures: We may capture you and your pet’s likeness while participating during a StubbyDog Trekkers. By signing the participant authorizes StubbyDogTrekkers the use and/or reproduce of the person’s and dog’s likeness in print or other media. The client agrees that he/she will not be compensated for any such use but may request and receive copies of the print.

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